4mation Safety coordination and communication


Safety coordination
and communication

Within the framework of an event, several agencies are often assigned different security-related tasks. From admission to stage security to crowd management: for smooth interaction, a central point is needed that coordinates, communicates and makes the necessary decisions.

We coordinate all security-relevant areas
of your event

That is why we plan possible risk scenarios in advance, draw up an event management plan and, building on this, instruct all areas on their safety-related tasks.

We support you in the official approval procedures with the necessary safety-relevant documents and coordinate open questions directly with the authority.

During the event, we ensure the correct implementation of legal requirements and, as a superordinate body, coordinate all involved areas, persons and trades for efficient cooperation.

Safety coordination and communication

Our services


Advice on required as well as recommended security-relevant areas and necessary resources


Planning of the event schedule and support with official approval procedures


Instruction of acting persons on their substantive tasks and individual responsibilities


Coordination of all involved agencies and security sectors for an optimal and efficient interaction

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