4mation Crowd Management and Crowd Control


Crowd Management
and Crowd Control

If you expect a large number of visitors, you will be confronted with questions such as the space required per guest or the optimal management of crowd flows.

We also support you in solving these tasks with our professional expertise and years of experience in managing large events.

We ensure the safety
and well-being of your guests

By using internationally recognised and proven methods – such as RAMP analysis or the DIM-ICE meta-model – we combine abstract figures such as the expected number of visitors with the concrete human factor.

In this way, we create a solid planning basis and reduce the dangers and risks of your guests associated with the flows and large gatherings of people.

Crowd Management and Crowd Control

Our services


Calculation of the possible number of visitors based on the available space and the expected density of people in accordance with legal requirements and standards.


Analysis of the flow of people, inflow and outflow planning, the escape period as well as the necessary capacities for escape routes.


Presentation of crowd-related risks and recommended measures for safe crowd management.


Implementation of measures with the necessary security personnel and equipment, e.g., barrier fences and people guidance systems.

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