4mation Event Management Plans


Event Management Plans,
Contingency Planning, Security and Prevention Concepts

Depending on the nature of your event, you have various obligations – possibly even a legal obligation to draw up an event management plan, an event risk assessment or a security or prevention concept.

However, we generally recommend a detailed analysis of potential hazards and risks in advance to avoid personal liability issues in case of damage.

We analyse event-related risks
and provide you with legal certainty.

Based on standardised procedures, we deal with the relevant risk-related issues in advance and create an individual risk profile for your event.

The recommendations for action based on this will subsequently serve as a professional decision-making basis for minimising hazards and risks during the event.

Event Management Plans

Our services


Analysis of the event’s processes in normal and crisis mode and definition of the interests and objectives worthy of protection.


Evaluation of potential dangers for visitors as well as general security-relevant disruptions such as fire, severe weather or acts of terrorism.


Documentation of required measures and individual recommendations for action in a standardised and officially recognised document.


Creation of the concept depending on the focus, such as event security, COVID-19 prevention or fire protection.

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