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In the premium sector in particular, the market sector of 4mation, our customers invest large sums in order to offer their customers unique high-quality events: It is the core task of 4mation to support our customers and their guests with professional security personnel and courteous service where only the best catering and unique atmosphere is required.

"As much security as necessary - but as much service as possible"

The services offered by 4mation are highly service-oriented and positioned at the intersection of security and guest service. Dealing with VIP guests, politicians, top executives and celebrities requires poise, flawless manners, eloquence and - not least - the ability to always respond to the specific situation and deal with arising problems professionally and in a customer-oriented manner.

Often it is the security staff who have the first contact with your guests, and this also gives them the first impression of an event. In order to make this first impression as positive as possible, the best manners and appropriate clothing of the employees are a prerequisite for our jobs. For this reason, you will find that most of the employees at 4mation have many years of experience and an atypically high level of education for the security industry. The quality of our employees is in their personality and their comprehensive 4mation training, which we consider very important as a professional service provider.

4mation Mitarbeiter

Our employees are characterised by

  • excellent manners
  • a respectable appearance
  • experienced and cautious actions
  • good people skills and empathy
  • knowledge of foreign languages


Amongst other things, our employees are trained in - depending on the specialisation and field of operation -

  • Fire protection
  • First aid
  • Operational tactics
  • Driving training
  • Conflict management (conflict avoidance & deescalation)
  • Law (legal foundations & legal provisions related to events)
  • Self-defence and weapons training
  • Behaviour at events


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