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4mation Detektoren SchönbrunnIf an increased hazard potential at an event means a full inspection of the guests is needed, 4mation can provide this using the latest metal detectors - handheld devices and mobile detector gates. This means the usually unpleasant practice of body checks can be avoided.

We can offer you the following security products:

  • Metal detector gate
  • X-ray system
  • Hand-held metal detectors
  • Spectrum analysers

Both the metal detector gates, X-ray systems as well as the spectrum analysers are hired and constructed by the general importer. This guarantees an expert design and flawless function of the devices. The metal detector gates are equipped with height indicators, which considerably eases searches and accelerates the process.

Searching the guests takes place in accordance with statutory requirements: a female security officer for female guests and a male security officer for male guests. Subsequent inspection after the metal detector gate is carried out via hand-held metal detectors.

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