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Events - especially outdoor ones - are usually held in clearly defined or secured areas. But a fence is not the same as a fence.

4mation Absperrgitter SchönbrunnFencing the area, channeling the flow of visitors at concerts, or the securing items - 4mation provides the right  barriers for your event. Our construction crew has the necessary expertise for optimum placement of barriers, because incorrectly constructed barricades and fences is a potentially high-risk situation in itself.



Depending on the job and requirements, we offer the following types of barriers:

  • Self-standing base barriers ("crows foot fence", "Mannheim fence", ...)
  • Police barriers ("Hamburg barriers")
  • Construction barriers ("Roadworks barriers")

4mation Euro 2008 Absperrgitter SetupIn most cases, barriers are not a visual component of the event area. We therefore offer textile panels for barriers.

The advantage: The panel hides the barrier and can be adjusted to fit the respective barrier shape. It meets all regulatory requirements and can be either plain or designed in the corporate colours (logo) of the customer.

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