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360° Close Protection

By "360-Degree-Close Protection", we mean a comprehensive service for high-risk VIP guests.

Personal protection is - by definition - the guarantee of personal security to protect an important person from attacks and harassment by others. Persons worthy of protection are people who, according to their risk analysis or by life circumstances, are at risk or substantial threat of other people.

The protection of particularly exposed and vulnerable persons constitutes a highly complex special area of ​​personal security services. Hardly any sector in the field of security requires more professionalism, discretion and flexibility than the protection of persons. In order to carry out personal protection, particularly careful and detailed planning is necessary in addition to highly qualified personnel to the same extent.

Risk and Needs Assessment

Before planning can be carried out in the context of personal protection, it is necessary to perform a risk assessment and analysis. The risk analysis is based on an analysis of the actual situation and includes an evaluation of existing safety and protective measures.
This is supplemented by a comprehensive analysis as well as a route analysis, taking into consideration current or latent threats, which allows a precise assessment of the resulting security requirements. Based on this analysis, an individual security concept is created for the protected person.

Individual Security Concept

The individual security concept includes basic safeguards for the protected person as well as their relatives (e.g.: protection of an item or offices, route analysis for ordinary paths, etc.) and flexible safety measures adapted to the respective situation, for example, when traveling, public appearances and similar are in effect. As each personal protection operation is also always an intrusion into private areas of life, while planning basic safeguards we attempt to reconcile the highest level of security with a consistently high level of quality of life and minimal restrictions on the protected person. Our team is not only the best protection for life and limb, but is also - in an ideal case - integrated into the daily routine of the customer so far as to be an effective support for the day-to-day life of the customer around the clock .

Implementation of personal protection orders

In implementing personal protection orders, 4mation can rely on a team of experienced specialists and a network of professional companies. On request, unarmed bodyguards can also be used in low-risk situations.

We also of course offer the appropriate vehicles for transporting customers. The range of vehicles available ranges from limousines to mini-vans, to armoured "tanks". The security class of vehicles selected corresponds to the anticipated danger of the situation.

Hiring any of the vehicles provided by us occurs exclusively with specially trained drivers.

Ongoing evaluation

Since the protection of persons must never rely on static one-time results from the field of risk analysis, security measures are repeatedly re-examined and critically evaluated. Personal protection - in consultation with the protected person of course - is always adapted to the current situation in order to be prepared for a change in circumstances at all times.

No personal protection job is identical to another.

For this reason alone, it is not possible to provide packages for personal protection. All inquiries will of course be treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

We are happy to assist you if you have any questions.

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